BBC Introducing Lancashire 28th October 2010


Idol Minds play live On this week’s BBC Introducing we had new live music in the studio from two Lancashire bands, and new music to open from Danny (Byrd is the word) Byrd.

First up we heard live music from Idol Minds. Originally from Morecambe (now all based in Preston) they gave an energetic performance and have a unique sound.

They chatted about their unique sound and how they’re hoping to fit into the new music scene, their upcoming gigs and recordings, and the mysterious man who is the elected water-boy. They play live next on the 2nd December at the legendary Blue Room in Blackpool.

Furtive Forty

Sean played a new track (which will feature in Sean’s Furtive Forty – the best 40 tunes from Lancashire which you’ll hear over Christmas) from the mysterious Zauwie Beamhead who is going to be hugely popular, check him out on youtube too.

On the phone tonight was Matt the front man from local band Sampras who got talking about the band’s festival appearances over the summer, the benefits of playing smaller, local gigs, and the recording that they’ve been doing recently. Matt told Sean about Liverpool’s lively music scene and their new song ‘Look Around’ which is going to be featured on a brand new EP.

Accrington collective Phrenic came down to the studio with their chaos pad, keyboards, mixers and a bucket of leads.  We agreed that the lighting in the studio wasn’t quite ambient enough to be in keeping with their set, or live production as they call it.

After we turned the lights to mellow lighting and Phrenic played another of their musical mashups. They talked about their mis-spent youth in clubs, their time spent in too many bands, and their collective musical background. They finished off the show with their subliminal, minimal, ambient sound… the track was Penguin.

Listen again to hear more from this unique musical collective.


High Contrast – In a Gadda Da Vida
Danny Byrd – Failsafe
Danny Byrd – Hot Fuzz
Revolter – Fades To Grey
Idol Minds – My World  (Live In Studio)
Dinousaur Pile Up – Traynor
Idol Minds – Summers Gone (Live In Studio)
Rae Morris – Day One
Idol Minds – These Vibrations (Live In Studio)
DeerstoneCounty- Little Lady
Zauwie Beamhead – Storm By The Vegetables
Superkings – Never Say Never
Rae Morris – Grounded
Rozkrypz – Concrete Crumble
Middle Finger Salute – Point The Blame
My Chemical Romance – Nanana
(After a phone calling pleading for it to be taken off we dumped it.)
Invisible Elephant – Wish
Phrenic – Sinatra (Live In Studio)
Japanese Pop Stars – Lets Go
Phrenic – Silence (Live In Studio)
Gorrillaz – Doncamatic
Phrenic – Penguin (Live In Studio)

My birthday, John Peel and his memory

Today is my 46th birthday… it is also the day 6 years ago we lost John Peel.

In his latter years I enjoyed John Peel more for his radio 4 outings and the lovely random, “I don’t give a shit that this is tele” broadcasts too. The way he undermined Top of the Pops and the cheesy DJ’s he worked with.


I could cliche this and wax lyrical about what his radio programme did for generations of young musos and creative types but every man and his dog does that.

But since his parting the world of new music has lacked a voice. A detached. Uncommercial. “I’m not trying to make a career for myself, I just like the music” type voice.

The reason John Peel was a legend is that not only did he pick up on some pretty good music in his time but the way he went about it was such a good example to all of us involved in whatever way in new music. You don’t like bands because it could be good for your career. You don’t hurl yourself at passing bandwagons in the hope of some reflected glory. Or book acts because it improves relations with a record company or manager you want voice over work from.

BBC Website for John Peel

So I look for BBC website stuff on John Peel… (click on heading above to see the site) how do we celebrate the man that brought this whole concept to the BBC?

The site that is his home (I think) hasn’t been updated since 2007… there is other stuff from BBC Introducing programmes, sessions, BBC 6Music etc around the BBC but the site really looks uncared for and this is a shame.

So wouldn’t it be lovely (as some of us think of him today) if he had a proper home that celebrates his life fully on the BBC website?

Also, I’d really like it if all people who work with new music would take a look at what John Peel was and understand it’s not about them and their career path it’s about the bands and the music.

Too many journos, presenters, wannabes and DJs now look at new music as a vehicle for them. Like it’s a staging post to a career on ITV 4.

It’s about the music… man

The music and the bands are the thing. It was for Peel and it should be for you if you are lucky enough (as I am) to get sent new music and have the privilege to play it on the radio.

So come on new music practitioners. All of you. Cut the crap and remember the opportunity here is for the artist not you.

Just press the buttons, support the music and occasionally talk some crap in between.