Radio & journalism


The BBC, The Guardian and Blackpool

Sean wanted to be a BBC journalist from the age of knowing what one was. His teenage years were spent listening through the night to a transistor radio with one headphone lying in bed. Late night listening was limited then as most radio stopped at midnight. Then in the wee small hours, a whole world of radio arrived courtesy of the BBC World Service. From an early age he loved politics, watched documentaries by people we now think of as legends but felt he could never be in that world. Radio journalism was for people with received pronunciation (posh), an education and certainly not someone from Blackpool. So he got on with another career, in banking and telecoms then with his own telecoms services business for 6 years.

It’s about asking questions

Then around 2001, aged 37, Sean had had his fill of accountants, lawyers and suits. He and his wife gave up the business and both of them retrained for other careers. Sean went to UCLAN to study broadcast journalism and had a brilliant year of full time study, met some amazing people and ended up doing work experience at BBC Radio Lancashire. In the last decade or more BBC Radio Lancashire has been a learning ground for presenting and journalism. Sean presents a range of day time programmes from all speech news to ‘tits and tinsel’ programmes. Sean thinks the best journalists ask the best questions and sees a disregard for the consequences of asking tough questions as being fundamental.

A SPACE journo

A journalist

Student journalism award

Sean was proud to be awarded the runner up in the Student Journalism Award 2002 (check name!). He made a 30 minute undercover documentary about the services available for drug users in Blackpool. It was described as hard hitting and well scripted. Sean would love to do more work like this in future.


Music radio

Sean’s second passion is music, usually of the new variety and certainly from local artists. He loves the classic and contemporary rock he plays with John Clayton on FNAT (Friday Night at Ten) on BBC Radio Lancashire which graces the airwaves every Friday night at er… 10pm! But as you can read about HERE new music is Sean’s thing. You can tune in to the best of new local music from Lancashire on BBC Introducing every Saturday night from 8pm and on the iPlayer HERE.

Daytime BBC Local Radio

Daytime presenting on BBC Radio Lancashire can be a mix of playing music and doing journalism so for Sean it is the best of both worlds. “Talking in between tunes is something I just love doing.” Says Sean, “especially if you can relate to the music you’re playing.”

The Guardian

Presenter and producer of The Guardian Social Enterprise podcast. Social enterprise and journalism are the two things Sean feels most passionate about. Having the opportunity to talk to the big influencers and decision makers in the sector and explore the issues around social value and community engagement has been a really interesting and stimulating time in my life.

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