Community Radio

Launch of Radio Victoria CIC

Launch of Radio Victoria CIC

Community engagement – radio style

About 18 months ago Sean began working one day per week at Victoria Hospital in Blackpool. He was brought in (for the second time) by the then Chief Executive to consult on and deliver community engagement work especially amongst young people. The idea was to get them involved as volunteers and to design some innovative and relevant public health messages too. Since then (with the support of the Chief Executive and many other people at the Trust) we are (I hope) close to securing a community radio license for the Fylde Coast. (We await Ofcom’s decision.)

We have put a great bid in to Ofcom for the license (you can look HERE). We’ve built a good team, we have good technology, a great playlist, great speech content and journalism plans, some brilliant volunteers and yes we have some big challenges too. (But who doesn’t?!)

We have a group of partners outside the station that are committed to delivering community radio for the Fylde Coast. These include senior leaders at our three local councils, many local councillors, MPs, colleges, charities, social enterprises, schools etc etc In the last 12 months Sean has been to see many of the big influencers in the Fylde about this project.

We need to be online

Hospital Radio is a crucial part of any hospitals community engagement but it needs to be done in a way which reflects the technological changes that allow people to listen and watch almost whatever they want when they want. Radio on FM is still hugely popular and online listening grows every day so the future for Radio Victoria is now looking good whichever way Ofcom goes. Going online soon though is very important.

Sean is meeting again shortly with Wendy Swift (Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategy) to conclude our discussions (she is new to the role) and for us to reaffirm the Trust’s commitment to Radio Victoria.

The future

Bringing together a new social enterprise inside the walls of a hospital trust has had its challenges but thus far I have managed to work with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals senior team and achieve a way forward.

This is a work in progress… see my writing for the latest updates.

If you want to get involved just use the contact page.


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