BBC Introducing Saturday 3rd May 2014

BBC Introducing Lancashire

This week on BBC Introducing Lancashire we had All Becomes Clear on the programme playing a live session.


We spoke to My Mistake on the phone


We played a couple of live tracks from Rae Morris and the interview with Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2. (If you look at the playlist… to be clear Joe Whiley did NOT sing on Rae Morris’ track!) 😉


We spoke with these people about a good few things too!

And we played a ton of new local music. If you want to see who we played just click HERE to see a playlist for BBC Introducing Lancashire.









The Dorset Knob Throwing Competition

Bank Holiday Knob Throwing

On BBC Radio Lancashire this morning I was presenting with Steve Royle.

I saw a story on the BBC Dorset website that was well… intriguing. So the inimitable Garry Scott called the Knob Throwing man and this is what happened.

Listen to what happened:


What a very nice man you can find them on Twitter.


My birthday, John Peel and his memory

(it is not my birthday today – just reblogging this cus I thought it was still relevant.)

Four years on nearly and it still stands… new music radio is about the music not the delivery mechanism. It has to be unselfish and not indulge in bandwaggonism. If an artist is great they don’t need a “buzz” for BBC Introducing to get behind them nationally but I hear that so often I could scream.

Anyhoo… RIP JP still missing your presence. BBC Introducing is a powerful force still but it needs to watch it doesn’t become self serving for the BBC and some wannabe presenters. Let’s have more money spent on local BBC Introducing not just the big eye catching stuff. This is all about the artists and encouraging local music scenes or it is about nothing.

Sean McGinty

Today is my 46th birthday… it is also the day 6 years ago we lost John Peel.

In his latter years I enjoyed John Peel more for his radio 4 outings and the lovely random, “I don’t give a shit that this is tele” broadcasts too. The way he undermined Top of the Pops and the cheesy DJ’s he worked with.


I could cliche this and wax lyrical about what his radio programme did for generations of young musos and creative types but every man and his dog does that.

But since his parting the world of new music has lacked a voice. A detached. Uncommercial. “I’m not trying to make a career for myself, I just like the music” type voice.

The reason John Peel was a legend is that not only did he pick up on some pretty good music in his time but the way he…

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Radio and youtube

So Matt Deegan or  did a writing thing about radio and youtube use… very interesting… you can find it here—> CLICK

Do radio stations do this because it increases reach? (Although not measured.) Or is it vanity and a desperate wish to be on a platform even if it doesn’t quite fit?

Don’t get me started on webcams and video streaming from the studio!

Although it turned out to be quite handy when your Prime Minister calls a voter a bigot!

That nice  alerted me on G+.



BBC Introducing

This Saturday from 8pm on BBC Introducing Lancashire… do tune in and listen on your wireless thing.

All becomes clear play live in the BBC Radio Theatre.


We talk to this lot about their gig this weekend…


And I (@seanamcginty) talk to the boss of Bandpage

News Flash! Old People Are Invisible!

So true need to take more time

Beyond Halfway

Roger Angell. Photo: The New Yorker. Roger Angell. Photo: The New Yorker.

In his excellent article in the New Yorker about the rigors and rewards of growing old, Roger Angell, who at age 93 certainly knows something about the subject, describes what it’s like to be treated as if he is irrelevant:

“Here I am in a conversation with some trusty friends—old friends but actually not all that old: they’re in their sixties—and we’re finishing the wine and in serious converse about global warming in Nyack or Virginia Woolf the cross-dresser. There’s a pause, and I chime in with a couple of sentences. The others look at me politely, then resume the talk exactly at the point where they’ve just left it. What? Hello? Didn’t I just say something? Have I left the room? Have I experienced what neurologists call a TIA—a transient ischemic attack? I didn’t expect to take over the chat but did…

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You’re Doing It Wrong: 4 Tips For Better Social Media Engagement


ChrisCo Media

You’re Doing It Wrong: 4 Tips For Better Social Media Engagement

You’re Doing It Wrong: 4 Tips For Better Social Media Engagement image social engagement 4of51

Did you know only 1 out of 5 customer inquiries on Twitter and Facebook receives a response from a brand or business? Even when they are answered, the average response time is a dreadful 11 hours.

What a shame.

So many missing major opportunities – for new business, to save business, and to learn what your customers want.

I’m always surprised when I hear of businesses that ignore their customers on social media.

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Rather, it’s about conversing with your customers and prospective clients. It’s…

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