The Fylde Community Radio License

For years now I’ve been working with others to bring a community radio station to the Fylde Coast. If you don’t understand how great that would be for the area then stop reading now and go and watch Dave.


I first worked with our local hospital trust on community radio when a forward thinking Chief Executive asked me to get involved. They were concerned about their hospital radio station and wanted me to sort that out and bid for a community FM radio license; which would work for the good of the hospital and also serve their wider community.

A bid was put together to Ofcom which eventually delivered us a community radio license. I then built, with others, a sizeable group of volunteers who worked hard to make the changes needed to uphold the standards of an Ofcom licensed radio station.


Unfortunately, just as all that hard work came to fruition, the senior management changed at the trust and after some discussions we suddenly had no studio.


Sadly, today I have handed back the community radio licence to Ofcom.

The hospital has an internal radio station again which is good to see but a great opportunity has been lost for Blackpool and The Fylde Coast.

I’ve looked at this from both sides now

I am looking at this whole subject of how Blackpool can change itself another way now and am already exploring some really exciting ways that the arts with journalism can impact here.

Thank you

I must thank all the people I have worked with in the last few years including those who didn’t share my vision. It’s taught me a lot and that’s a total bonus.












BBC Introducing Lancashire 3rd January 2015

Last night I opened the programme with these words:

Last year if you’d have asked me what the name Matthew James Cogley makes me think of I’d have said a really nice young bloke who plays in a great band and made a fine solo album too.

He played live in our radio theatre here in Blackburn… I interviewed him and I played his music as a band and as a singer songwriter.

Now it conjures up some very sad thoughts of a young life lost so tragically this week.

All I can do tonight is say how much I feel for his family and his many friends and hope none of them mind me playing this tune to remember the life of Matt.

You will be sorely missed… may you rest in peace…

Thoughts now

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Rae Morris & Lapsley on the BBC Music Sound of 2015 list!!

Rae Morris

Rae Morris – Blackpool

Rae Morris is no stranger to BBC Introducing Lancashire and BBC Radio Lancashire too. From around 2009 (my records are sketchy and I can’t get in to my Myspace to check!) she’s been producing songs of a quality not often heard, with a voice that never fails to hit an emotional spot.

We’ve played her music as and when it got recorded on BBC Introducing Lancashire, we recommended her to play at T in the Park on the BBC Introducing stage which she did with aplomb. She’s been on Dermot O’Leary and Zane Lowe’s radio programmes in session and earlier this year played a brilliant and intimate gig at Thornton Little Theatre for BBC Introducing Lancashire.

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