BBC Introducing Lancashire 3rd January 2015

Last night I opened the programme with these words:

Last year if you’d have asked me what the name Matthew James Cogley makes me think of I’d have said a really nice young bloke who plays in a great band and made a fine solo album too.

He played live in our radio theatre here in Blackburn… I interviewed him and I played his music as a band and as a singer songwriter.

Now it conjures up some very sad thoughts of a young life lost so tragically this week.

All I can do tonight is say how much I feel for his family and his many friends and hope none of them mind me playing this tune to remember the life of Matt.

You will be sorely missed… may you rest in peace…

Thoughts now

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Touch my Spotify at your peril

welcome to Spotify

So Lohan Presencer, the Ministry of Sound CEO has joined the music industry orchestrated Spotify hate-fest and suggested that labels should “seize back the keys to the music kingdom.” He also wanted to “put on hold” current streaming services. Let’s summarise this early on for the easily bored (and you will be.)

One; it’s not his, his company’s or any other label’s bloody kingdom and two; it is the labels that did the streaming deals and it was MoS that “settled” with Spotify over their daft playlist issues. So.. er.. how about you “guys” just quit moaning?

Oh and three: MoS is a compilation album company that feeds off the creativity of others without (I wager) having to spend a huge amount on development of young artists and that is where my interest lies.

Every penny a label spends on their friends and employees is your future earnings!

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