Twoople – it’s really quite new and I like


In a world where the increasingly revenue desperate Facebook has taken over the instant messaging space. I like this new idea.

Twoople gives you a personal URL… mine is and when it’s clicked people can chat with me, anywhere on any device. You can swap files too which is nice.

Instant messaging from anywhere to anyone with no networks

Instant messaging from anywhere to anyone with no networks

I miss ICQ

I am not sure what I might use it for personally as I.M. has not been my bag since ICQ went the way of all flesh but I wish them well as I think we need something like this.

I suppose if I ever set up an online business then it would be a nice addition to a customer service offering which is a lot more efficient that taking telephone calls all the time and more instantaneous than email.

Also (thinking about it) it could be a way for me to stop having to use Facebook to communicate with bands, artists and community radio people!

Canadian folk

And they are Canadian which means they are nice people.

My Twoople URL is >>here<<





BBC Introducing Saturday 3rd May 2014

BBC Introducing Lancashire

This week on BBC Introducing Lancashire we had All Becomes Clear on the programme playing a live session.


We spoke to My Mistake on the phone


We played a couple of live tracks from Rae Morris and the interview with Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2. (If you look at the playlist… to be clear Joe Whiley did NOT sing on Rae Morris’ track!) 😉


We spoke with these people about a good few things too!

And we played a ton of new local music. If you want to see who we played just click HERE to see a playlist for BBC Introducing Lancashire.









BBC Radio Lancashire – BBC Introducing

BBC Introducing Lancashire

New local music from the BBC

BBC Introducing

I am very lucky to be the presenter of BBC Introducing Lancashire.

Every Saturday evening from 8pm until 10pm on BBC Radio Lancashire I play the best new music from our fair county!

The programme was first to play a host of local artists you hear on national radio and see on your device type things.

The BBC Uploader

If you have music you’d like to send me then please go to the BBC Introducing site and register there. I get notified, we listen to the music and then if it passes through my team it could get played on the radio locally, nationally and you could end up playing one of the big festivals on the BBC Introducing stage.

Like Rae Morris did here. 

So how about having a listen?

Just click the yellow link below and see what was going on on this week’s programme.

Thanks for taking the time and hope to hear you soon.

BBC Radio Lancashire – BBC Introducing.