BBC bigwigs this is for you

Last Saturday 10th January 2015, BBC Introducing Lancashire put on another of our monthly ‘Second Saturday’ gigs at The Ferret in Preston.

The Scarletts, VYNCE and Iced Pops for Breakfast played a well attended, vibrant, happy Ferret and we recorded it for play out on BBC Introducing Lancashire over the next few weeks.

Our next Second Saturday gig on 14th February 2015 we er… introduce… Joni Fuller, Tourist Attractions and India Mill.

Hashtag bashtag

On that Twitter thing I use the hashtag #supportlocalmusic because if we don’t we won’t nurture it a little we won’t have any local live music left.

The Ferret through Stuart Box, whose work and commitment to the cause is well known, is one of only a few venues across Lancashire that are left that let new bands and artists try out their music live.

Playing a gig to nobody is no fun. I’ve done it and it saps your confidence. So we have thought long and hard about how we can make them good nights even for the casual Ferret goer. (How wrong does that sound?)

bbc intro gig 140215

Don’t make a scene

The other thing that helps new artists is having a “scene.” A place or places where people, that like new music can go to meet up with other musos, form bands and occasionally marry.

Watching the brilliant Dave Grohl docos on the BBC iPlayer made me realise how important it is. In every City he went to on his musical journey he documented a ‘scene.’ Often based around a venue or venues with night clubs and radio playing their parts.

BBC Music

I love the BBC. I work for it. But sometimes you have to be an honest friend/lowly employee. The BBC spends (see post about this) a great deal of money on the BIG self aggrandising music events. The BIG bosses love BBC Introducing because it is great for the BBC.

Give us the ******* money (he never said that anyway)

So please Mr BBC Music boss person… how about putting some money into local music scenes? I’m sure someone said somewhere you were going to.

There are so many benefits which I’ll come back to in other posts.

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