My birthday, John Peel and his memory

(it is not my birthday today – just reblogging this cus I thought it was still relevant.)

Four years on nearly and it still stands… new music radio is about the music not the delivery mechanism. It has to be unselfish and not indulge in bandwaggonism. If an artist is great they don’t need a “buzz” for BBC Introducing to get behind them nationally but I hear that so often I could scream.

Anyhoo… RIP JP still missing your presence. BBC Introducing is a powerful force still but it needs to watch it doesn’t become self serving for the BBC and some wannabe presenters. Let’s have more money spent on local BBC Introducing not just the big eye catching stuff. This is all about the artists and encouraging local music scenes or it is about nothing.

Sean McGinty

Today is my 46th birthday… it is also the day 6 years ago we lost John Peel.

In his latter years I enjoyed John Peel more for his radio 4 outings and the lovely random, “I don’t give a shit that this is tele” broadcasts too. The way he undermined Top of the Pops and the cheesy DJ’s he worked with.


I could cliche this and wax lyrical about what his radio programme did for generations of young musos and creative types but every man and his dog does that.

But since his parting the world of new music has lacked a voice. A detached. Uncommercial. “I’m not trying to make a career for myself, I just like the music” type voice.

The reason John Peel was a legend is that not only did he pick up on some pretty good music in his time but the way he…

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