Sainsbury’s, the self check out and a little old lady

Coffee addict

I like Caffe Nero coffee. So quite regularly I go to St Annes to work on the laptop, drink a foaming brew of loveliness and demolish a croissant.

There’s a Sainsburys here too. So this morning I popped in (pre-cappuccino) for a few things we needed at home before coming here to Nero.

Like other supermarkets they’ve installed those bloody self service check outs. No big deal for me really and sometimes it can be quicker right? Although there is something about them that makes me annoyed that I am not important enough as a customer for them to be arsed actually serving me in person.

Little old lady

The staff at Sainsburys I have found to be brilliant since I started going in there. I know they help older people with their shopping and generally try to offer good service.

St Annes has a lot of little old ladies and I speak to them from time to time. More than one of them has said that their trip to Sainsburys is probably one of the only times in the day they will speak to another soul. ALL DAY! Imagine that. Your whole day with one human encounter, a sobering thought.

Supermarkets don’t need to do this

So forgive me for being absolutely bloody furious when I see that old lady’s one human contact (with generally really nice staff at Sainsburys) being in doubt because some suit at head office says they can shave 0.003% off costs.

I know the supermarkets say you can always use a till with an employee. Not true when you have two staff asking people to use the self service till and only one staff on a standard till.

Final point

My point is this… how much money does it save reducing an old lady’s only contact with the outside world to that bloody self serve till woman shouting at them? To de-humanise the act of buying food is not the future I want and we should fight to keep people helping people.

So Sainsburys… come on you don’t need to “try something new today” you have offered service to customers for generations. But you should also lead the way here.

Your profits last year were £827 million so now consider the little old lady and ensure they always get the service they deserve with a smiley human face not a cold, shouting, beeping machine.

Don’t end up like the other money grabbing shops we know and hate.

One thought on “Sainsbury’s, the self check out and a little old lady

  1. No you can’t always use a manned till.
    In Bermondsey Square London they only have self checkout from around 9.30pm tho they shut at 11pm. They had three people standing around tonight while the customers struggled with the machines. I noticed tho that that shop is getting emptier and emptier. Hope a proper supermarket takes over soon

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