SPACE Blackpool Progress Update

If I have emailed you this link forgive the intrusion but I do it because I think you could help or are already helping and I want to keep you informed. Please read and get back to me if you can.

We are close now to completing on the grant funding (the lovely people doing this to be announced soon) to get some creative and health stuff going for young people in Blackpool.

The full details of our range of new activities will be posted here and on the new website soon but we will need help from YOU!

Not for profit

We will be launching a new enterprise soon called SPACE Music which will be a social enterprise music company. The website is nearly built and we know we have a good strategy for how we help local muso-types develop the relationship between artist and fans. It’s all about social media really but there are a whole host of other services for bands and artists that will follow.

We will need talented designers, producers, geeks aswell as bands, DJs and artists on board too.

Something to do

That is what SPACE will be about. Creating opportunities for young promoters and others to do something for themselves but while they do that they create leisure and health awareness opportunities for everyone else.

We have our partners and progress is being made in alot of areas now towards a more sustainable youth service. I will post more about the partners and the progress soon.

Thinking allowed

What is clear to me though is that if you keep telling young people that everything is being cut and there’s nothing for them here any more but give them no realistic opportunities to do something for themselves then you condemn them to what I saw in so many of my generation. A large group of young people in the early 1980’s who found comfort in drugs and whose lives have never recovered.

I will write more soon but in the meantime if you think you can help us do some of the above and want to get involved just facebook me or tweet or whatever.

Thanks for reading this.


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