Gimme the f****** venue!


So I heard the other day that after four years of running this social business we call SPACE Blackpool CIC we will, in the next four weeks, have received our first major financial input other than from Aishling (my long suffering wife) and myself. I will say who and what brings us this cash once the paperwork is done and I will thank them and all the others who helped make this happen properly then too.

It is around £35,000 and it will allow us to do so much but this money will be used strictly in a sustainable way.

Zee plans

We will, in February, be getting our current building made fit for the new purpose with a ton of exciting projects to follow. SPACE Music (a new kind of label), gigs, rehearsal studios, events, journalism and a proper venue so that what we do now can grow into something that can change many more lives than we currently do.

Here’s our ethos: To ensure the sustainability of all our projects through the enterprise of the young people we work with.

Four years of social business

I will, when our new website is done, – – post a ton more about how this is all going to work.

I watched When Harvey Met Bob in full last night (the dramatisation of the Live Aid story) and I now take my lead from Sir Bob. So if the council or any other public body have a building they are not using and we can show them we can use for a good social purposes then I will be saying “gimme the f****** building… now!

I have spent four years tip toeing around a council that as a corporate body does not get what social business is. But no more.

No more Mr Nice Guy…

So public bodies of Blackpool – Gimme the f****** venue. You have loads of buildings, stop trying to hide them and flog them off and tell us about your plans. Share what you are doing and get me a building in the town centre in which I can change young people’s lives for the better and make Blackpool a cool place for musicians to come and play.

If you as a council care about the services that young people can access in Blackpool (and because you are about to lay waste to the ones you up to now have delivered) how about some real engagement here?

Talk is cheap

Not doing meetings and enjoying nice chats but actually giving us something real. SPACE doesn’t need or want the council’s money (we never have) but we want the f****** buildings you waste, the f****** equipment sat in storage and the f****** contracts you will no doubt soon be dishing out to people who used to work at the council but will soon not.

I have been the very definition of Mr Nice Guy for 4 years… now I expect answers or I blame, shame and name the people who are in my way.

So I take my lead from Sir Bob Geldof and say in no uncertain terms: get out of my f****** way and let me have a building for that young people’s venue that we need so badly in this town.

After that we’ll talk about how we can help older people while we deliver young people’s services.

4 thoughts on “Gimme the f****** venue!

  1. Have you actually written direct to the council about this – or forwarded the link to this page – or are you just hoping that they get to hear about this via some other mechanism?

    Space’s reputation precedes it. It will take a lot to repair the damage.

  2. All sounds amazing Sean, good luck with it all and really hope it works out and gets up and running, and I would happily lend a hand doing anything I might be able to help with (could also probably help with the naming and shaming a bit after I read the councils rules for putting on under 18’s events in Blackpool that strangely enough are not adhered to for council ran events…), so just drop me an e-mail if you’d like me to try and do anything, I’d be more than happy to help! But either way if it does get up and running id love to be able to use amy kind of venue you set up to promote a bit, as the lack of a stable venue makes this nigh impossible at the moment.

    I’m sick of the council extinguishing any kind of hope there is in the local music scene whenever it comes along due to not allowing gigs and generally being unsupportive, and its repeatedly happened for far too long, so good luck!

  3. Thanks Sean will defo be in touch… ha ha that Under age document makes interesting reading… I am just trying to get them to realise that this can be done by young people themselves. It just needs a bit of “enabling” and I hope (God it has taken so long to get where we are now) that soon we can start to make events and gigs happen through SPACE that will be sustainable and have a good quality PA.

    Luke… thanks for the comment… I am always trying to talk to one part of the council or the other. I recently called a senior counsellor after they asked for help running a service in the town. I didn’t even get a call back. I have offered to take over a building in town to use for SPACE but up to now I just get talk and inaction. I have spoken to everyone there now in person that could possibly help and the progress is painfully slow so I get on with SPACE and will start doing some proper journalism here and dig out some stats on what they do with the money they have for young people and the assets and buildings they waste. I have been watching them for 5 years now and I have many stories to tell.

    Cheers! Sean

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